technology of virtual command

law enforcement receives real-time actionable intelligence

Virtual Command provides the Incident Commander with (a) real-time actionable intelligence about the incident in the building, (b) precise Command and Control as Building Entry Teams maneuver towards the shooter, (c) the capability to move tactical medical teams to the known locations of wounded victims and (d) the capability to direct the remote firing of countermeasures to disorient the shooter as teams approach the shooter.

Local Law Enforcement Dispatch Center has access to real-time emergency information within 3 seconds of the initial alarm.

Alarm Notification

Alarm notification that an Active Shooter incident has started is received in 1-3 seconds at a law enforcement tactical workstation known as an Emergency Response Station (ERS) via the activation of a wireless key fob in the school. All teachers and staff are equipped with these fobs. The fob signal is received by a receiver installed in the school hallways and is communicated directly to the control panel and the control panel communicates this new alarm condition over the network to all Emergency Response Stations.  The receiver closest to the activated fob is the one that will go into alarm. Its location and alarm status is shown on the graphic display which enables officers at a remote ERS to quickly locate where in the school the incident is happening. 

notification devices

In the Active Shooter application strobes and horns are installed throughout the hallways and in every classroom for instant alert.  They are activated by the key fob alert and alert every space in the school. The system supports Notification Appliances. Notification appliances (e.g. strobes and horns) are listed by UL for the intended use and be compatible with the selected power booster extenders.

Source of actionable INTELLIGENCE

  • Motion Detectors - Provide real-time tracking information due to their programming as multi-state detection devices. When activated these sensors provide all monitoring stations with the ability to locate track the intruder(s) simply through their multi-state capability. When an intruder is the vicinity of the motion sensor, the sensor goes into alarm. As the intruder moves away from the sensor, the motion sensor goes into the recently in alarm state. This capability effectively creates a virtual track on all monitoring screens. For those with fans of Harry Potter in their family, the resulting system is similar to the Marauder's Map, except that it manages a wholly different type of mischief.
  • IP Video Cameras - Video cameras are located strategically in the building's corridors. Officers tracking the intruder(s) need simply click on the camera icon nearest to the motion sensor in-alarm to have eyes on the intruder. In this way, the officers determine subject description and determine the number and type of weapons carries by the intruder.
  • Signaling Station (SS) - Signaling Stations are located strategically in classrooms, as well as administrative and general usage rooms equipped with a Hardened Doors.  Each SS  provide all monitoring stations with specific room status information. For example, a signaling station can report SAFE, NEED HELP and/or MEDICAL ASSISTANCE NEEDED. In this way, monitoring personnel have a method to prioritize their approach to specific classrooms requiring rescue or immediate medical assistance.

Refuge areas-hardened classrooms

The lesson learned from the VA Tech and Sandy Hook mass murders is that you must protect the classroom and deny the shooter entry.  Accordingly, NetTalon has designed a hardened door system that will withstand an attack by pistol, rifle, shot gun and followed with using the butt of the shotgun to attempt to knock the vision window out.  This door automatically locks when closed.

Comparison of a standard classroom door and a hardened classroom door.

Each classroom is equipped with a proprietary hardened door assembly comprised of glass, hardware, locks and armor designed to impede a shooters entry into the classroom, effectively creating a “Safe Haven” for the students, teachers and staff. These custom fitted doors are retrofitted into existing classrooms and have been designed and tested to impede entry while under gun and physical attack. Doors are capable of being controlled electronically by monitoring law enforcement personnel through the monitoring software.


NetTalon has innovated and engineered a countermeasure to cause the attacker to abort his attack; it corrects the major advantage a shooter has today -- that is, 3-6 minutes of unimpeded shooting prior to the arrival of law enforcement.  Now the police can close on the active shooter virtually. The police can launch countermeasures repeatedly, effectively slowing and possible aborting the attack.  

Countermeasures deployed by monitoring officers.

Each time countermeasures are deployed slows the intruders access to the schools occupants. This buys the critical minutes needed to get responders into the building already knowing exactly where the shooter is located. In the school hallways, we deploy “Hot Zones.”  Each Hot Zone consists of smoke canisters. Each canister puts out a significant volume of non-toxic smoke that will obscure the shooter’s vision causing spatial disorientation. When activated these canisters can completely obscure the shooter's vision and cause disorientation.