911 Dispatch Questions: The Beginning

Before we get into our series of posts dedicated to the 911 questions, we here at NetTalon think it is important for you, the reader, to have a starting point. Below you will find the average questions asked to someone making a 911 call. In many instances these questions make sense for dispatch to ask the caller, however, in a life threat situation like that of an active shooter, these questions make anything but sense to ask.

After finishing up our series on 911 dispatch questions you will be better prepared if an active shooter event was to happen in your school or in your child’s school. We here at NetTalon, hope that these blogs will bring further clarity as to the serious life threat that could strike at another one of our nation’s educational environments. Stay tuned for the next post and look out for our contributing articles that will follow each post the following day.  #SafeSchoolsNow


  1. Are you in a safe place?
  2. What is the location of the incident?
  3. Are there any weapons?
  4. What type of weapons?
  5. Are there any injuries? What type?
  6. What is the location of the victim/s?
  7. Where are the suspects?
  8. How many suspects?
  9. What are the descriptions of the suspects?
  10. Do you know the suspects?
  11. Has the suspect/s fled the scene?
  12. If yes, what is their mode of transportation?
  13. What is the vehicle description?