Welcome to our Blog: Safe Schools Now

Very few individuals on earth can relate to the terror that occurs during an active shooter incident. Even fewer live to tell about the incident if they came face to face with the shooter. The purpose of this blog is not to make victims relive the horrors that are associated with one of these life altering events, but to educate our readers to the real life scenarios that an individual will face if he or she is trapped in the middle of an active shooter event. The second part of this blog is to show you as the reader how Virtual Command combats the life threats that plague an environment not protected by its technology. You will learn the timeline of an active shooter incident, the nature with which shooters attack, their motives and intentions, the weapons they use, their tactics and many more revealing facts that no one seems to be talking about. Lastly, you will learn what you as a parent, teacher and/or concerned citizen can do to protect your loved ones against these detestable crimes and the individuals who choose to carry them out. Everything you read in this blog will serve as nothing more than an education to those who desire more to be done in their school environments to protect those who are most precious to us all, our children and those who educate them.

“Children are our most valuable resource.” -Herbert Hoover, 31st President.

None of these blogs will be very long. The design and hope for our readers is that you will have enough information to be educated to the truth that surrounds a subject that school officials are choosing to keep you in the dark about, mainly because until now there has been no solution to these heinous crimes. You can find the solution you're looking for in Virtual Command. Settle for nothing less than Virtual Command to keep your children and their teachers safe in their schools.

The first series of blogs that we will work through are the questions that a dispatcher at 911 will ask anyone who makes a call from any life threat situation, which an active shooter incident falls under. As you read these blogs in the days and weeks to follow you will see for yourself just how unsafe our schools are and how foolish these questions seem when someone is trying to just stay alive in the presence of an active shooter.