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Donald R. Jones Jr.

After graduating from The Virginia Military Institute, Don Jones chose to begin his professional life as an Army Ranger and 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army in June of 1967. After the completion of his training he was sent to Vietnam to serve during the two bloodiest years of the war. Almost immediately, he was introduced to the world of intelligence. His mission was to lead his men in the effort to gather information about the enemy, their movements and capabilities and report back to his superiors. Very quickly, he learned the value of actionable intelligence.

It was during one of these missions that Don was to distinguish himself and gain the knowledge that would serve him well after his Army career. Finding himself and his men surrounded by North Vietnamese Regulars, he continued to direct and encourage them.  Without regard for his personal safety, Don repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire and retrieved wounded soldiers while carrying them to safety. For this action he was nominated for and receivedThe Silver Star for gallantry in action.

Following his honorable discharge from the Army, he worked for a government contractor where he gained invaluable experience in developing and managing large training activities.  In 1999 Don became one of the founders of NetTalon Security Systems, INC. He has served as Director of Operations, Executive Vice-President, and Director of Marketing & Sales. Today he serves as company President. In this role he has championed the cause of public safety. He has worked tirelessly to empower first responders with the technology necessary to perform their duties in safest and most efficient environment possible.

Don is a husband, father, grandfather, industry expert and a friend and mentor to many.


President's Message:

"Every child, teacher and school staff member deserves to be safe in their educational setting. No teacher should have to stand in front of their children and be forced to plead for their life and the lives of their students. No one should be trapped and be made a target in the confines of their own classroom. No student or teacher should be forced to perform supreme acts of heroism because their educational environment was not a safe location for them to be in. My goal in life is to ensure that every school, every child and every teacher are equally protected with the highest level of safety possible in the event of an active shooter attack. Virtual Command was created out of this vision and for this purpose."

- Donald R. Jones Jr.


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