School Administrators


Minutes do Matter:

Other security companies across the country are offering piecemeal solutions to this serious threat to life known as "Active Shooters." Law enforcement are now receiving more specialized training in how to deal with active shooter threats in schools. While these new training ideas are great improvements, they all have the same flaw: the lack of immediate notification to law enforcement, nor the ability for law enforcement to do anything while en route to the scene. Studies have shown that the damage of an active shooter incident is almost entirely done by the time law enforcement even arrive to the incident.

Current Flaws in Notification:

It is well documented that active shooter attacks are quick and violent in nature, relying on both surprise and shock to aid in the shooter's effectiveness. Due to these factors, calls from a school to 911 often do not begin until well after the incident has even begun. The national average for a call to go out to 911 hovers around the two minute mark. Once those calls are made there is still a large amount of missing information and misreported intel. The alert to law enforcement that a situation is underway rests solely on the shoulders of those trapped within an incident. This means of communication combined with the lack of usable information coming from the caller/s, serves only to prolong an efficient response from law enforcement.

The Virtual Command Difference:

You deserve the ability to protect your schools and staff from a serious life threat like that of an active shooter incident. VIRTUAL COMMAND gives you the advantage needed to make a higher level of protection possible for your staff, teachers and students under your care and protection. It is your responsibility to make sure those under your charge are as safe in their schools as humanly possible. VIRTUAL COMMAND gives you the ability to know you have done all that is possible to ensure their safety.