Law Enforcement



Instant Alert:

The VIRTUAL COMMAND system was designed to provide you with an instant alert of shots fired or impending danger within one of your schools. No longer is a call required to notify law enforcement that a shooting is taking place inside of a school. VIRTUAL COMMAND was designed to give you, the people who need it the most, 100% actionable intelligence from inside of an emergency state, while providing you the command and control necessary to start mitigating the incident while units are en route. 


You Deserve the Best:

You deserve the best technology out there to use as a tool to make your jobs safer and more efficient. VIRTUAL COMMAND gives law enforcement the ability to mitigate an incident before boots even hit the ground, and if a rescue is necessary, VIRTUAL COMMAND gives law enforcement the highest chance of survivability while guaranteeing the apprehension or demise of the threat. VIRTUAL COMMAND gives you the tactical edge in any active shooter incident with as minimal a loss to life as possible.

100% Intelligence:

VIRTUAL COMMAND gives law enforcement 100% actionable intelligence from inside of an emergency situation, while providing the command and control of the building necessary to tip the balance of power back into the hands of the first responders. Virtually, you go from ZERO actionable intelligence in today's world to 100% actionable intelligence with VIRTUAL COMMAND. 

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